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Poker Table Photos - 1st Poker Table Construction
I chose the racetrack table primarily because I liked the look of the table, but I also wanted to have a table that would ensure that all players had a lot of room to play. All told, I have spent a little over $500.00 for the poker table kit, the wood, extras, and tools. I chose all upgrades such as the satin playing fabric and thicker foam for the surface and railing. I received my package four days my order was replaced! I followed the steps, with some minor exceptions, for example; I placed a small piece of playing surface fabric on the table base IOT hide the inevitable gad between the surface and the racetrack. It worked perfectly! I also purchased a Veritas Compass from Lee Valley. The tool only cost $50.00 and worked very accurately for the creation of the radius'. I bought foldable table legs from Lowe's for only $25.00. They worked great and I never had any problems with the installation. I also purchased a 3 5/8" hole saw for the cup holders. I chose a cherry stain for the racetrack, and although the directions called for 2-3 coats of polyurethane, I chose a clear gloss and needed five coats. I put a sixth coat on for added protection. I love this table, and I look forward to creating another table soon. I hope everyone enjoys my pictures.

the beginning
adjustable compass
adjustable compass in use
find spots on the radius
the radius
all cuts completed
lining up cup holders
clear gloss covered with six coats
racetrack installation
rail fabric covering
the apex coverings
rail completed
rail installation
prep for playing surface
most of the fabric covering completed
playing surface completed
hide the gap
different lighting
done 1
playing surface installation
with some chips

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