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Poker Table Photos - Auctioneer Dave's Table
By looking at the many different builds posted on BYOPT and the basic instructions on their oval table we were able to piece together a pretty nice one. I also got some good pointers from Dapper Dan’s Poker table website. These are just a few modifications to those plans that might be helpful. Thanks to all of the earlier builders and to BYOPT, who is a genuine first class company to deal with. They not only have a time and money saving table kit with top notch material, they are super friendly and obliging to work around your needs. Personalized e-mails from the boss to answer any questions you might have. Kudos to him. Building the Legs (we used oak) – Similar to Mark’s Custom Table 1) We cut 16 slats measuring 3 ½“ x ½“ by 26 ½” long and beveled the edges 22 ½ degrees. 2) Lay 8 of them with beveled side down and tape them together. 3) Turn the conglomerate over and put some wood glue between the slats. 4) Stand them up and wrap them around to make an octagon and secure with some ratchet straps. 5) Cut 4 blocks 2” x 2” 2 7/8” long and a 2 by 4 a hair short of 7” (make it fit inside the leg). 6) Secure these into a cross that will fit in the leg. The screw this cross into the bottom of the table. 7) Screw a ¾” base (30” long)onto the legs then put 4 - 1” pads at each corner of this base. 8) With table upside down, stand legs on table and screw into the cross on bottom of table. 9) We put some gussets on for strength. To move or store, the legs can be unscrewed at the cross. 10) Calculate any variation so you get a table top 29” from floor. You have ¼” foam, (we used) 2 thicknesses of plywood – 1 ½”, 26 ½” legs, ¾” platform under legs. 11) Use ¾” plywood finished on one side. (the unfinished is crap) 12) Prepare your table as the BYOPT instructions say. We used the “scrap” center oval to strengthen the table by screwing it in to the bottom of the table top giving us two thickness of plywood. 13)



#1 The Base rules!Michael Schroeder 2017-06-16 14:41
I love, LOVE how you made the base! I've been looking online for table bases and anything substantial is EXPENSIVE. Your method looks great and won't break the bank...

Nice work!

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