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Poker Table Photos - DV's Wings Table
A friend of mine's wife asked me if I would be able to build him a table for his upcoming birthday, since I had built one for myself in the past 6 months, and apparently he was pretty impressed with that one. Due to a lack of space, he doesn't even think it's possible to fit a table into his playing area, but thanks to the plans on BYOPT, I was able to come up with a Detroit Red Wings themed table that will fit perfectly. I am tempted to build a new table for myself now that I see the finished product when you use the correct materials - my own table looks like a piece of junk next to this one built using materials from BYOPT. Tom was great to work with and had some great advice for me along the way, as well as supplying an extra piece of velveteen in order to be able to practice printing the logo on. The logo was printed at a local shop using heat pressed vinyl, very happy with the result. Thanks for everything, and I will definitely be back myself, and recommend this site to others.

DV's Wings Octogon Table


#2 Build specsronald 2012-09-29 22:35
could you please send me the build specs to this table I really like it.
#1 Well Done!BYOPT 2012-08-03 23:32
It looks like it came out really nice. Glad that everything worked out for you. What did you end up doing the logo with?

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