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Poker Table Photos - Eric's 1st table
So I'm not really a craftsman but I really liked the idea of building my own poker table. After looking at all the pictures of everybody's tables I finally picked a theme that I really liked. I ordered most of the basics from BYOPT and picked up the rest at Menards. Project took me about 16 hours total. It was a learning experience! First off, buy the hole cutter! I cut all the holes by a jigsaw and although it worked, it took forever. Secondly, I murdered the "straight cut" with the skillsaw. I wish I would've just used the jigsaw as I was doing well with that( my skillsaw is way old and heavy). Finally, and most dissapointing was my vinyl railing cuts(Take your time with this step. While cutting the "star" portion of the inside railing vinyl I did something incorrectly and ended up having gaps of foam that would show from the cuts on the corners being to high/close to the rail. I ended up placing extra(waste) vinyl where the gaps were and stapled it in. It looks okay and will be hard to notice but is frustrating because I know it's there! Overall I am very pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to host next go around. This will definitely not be my last and only table project. Thanks BYOPT for giving me direction for this project.



#1 RE: Eric's 1st tableMichael Schroeder 2017-06-16 14:57
Yeah, don't get discouraged - I had the same problems when I built my first one and it turned out really good. Except the flaws (that only I know about).

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