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Poker Table Photos - Father Son Project- Raised Rail Lighted Race Track
This table was a 2 weekend, father son project. First off- the products they sent were outstanding and I am extremely happy with the supplies. I recommend them by all means! We buit the raised railed light race track poker table. The table weighs a lot so we placed four folding table legs. However, if doing this plan (where we combined all three) do not cut the outside 2 inch cut [from the racetrack/playing surface piece] instead, keep that together because theres no reason to disconnect that 2 inch perimeter when its going to be reattached. To add lights, just take a jig saw and cut a small section for the lights to drop out of. We used the LED color changing lights, with a remote. It is a fun table!

lights cut into the riser
playing surface and racetrack
Father Son Project- Thanks BYOPT
Finished Piece
close up
Finished Table


#5 LightingJohn Shambo 2016-03-13 11:26
I'm looking to put lights around my table have you seen the brushed aluminum with the suits cut out and the lighting behind it? Can't tell from your pictures if you did the same or just used rope lighting. would you happen to know where to get the brushed aluminum with cut outs from if you used it?
#4 Questions on a beautiful tableMitch Brockett 2015-02-23 22:07
I like your table and have a few questions on the build and your suggestion of leaving the 2" attached to the race track.

1. In picture of racetrack on floor, what is the bigger plywood piece below it? All plans I see have a smaller base below it.
2. Is that the blackberry material on play surface?
3. Where did you get remote lights?
Hopefully this will be father/son project for us too! Thanks for sharing
#3 RE: Father Son Project- Raised Rail Lighted Race TrackByron Huxley 2014-11-13 06:41
Great looking table
#2 RE:TroubleJonathan Caldwell 2014-07-15 15:14
Yes. I made this same exact table (pictures coming soon). The racetrack and playing surface are from the same piece of wood, both attached to Base of Table (E). What we both did also was not cut Bottom of Rail (B). We both left B attached to the racetrack - it becomes an unnecessary cut if putting in lights.

So basically when you stack all your pieces up it stacks like this:
Top of Rail
Playing Surface/Racetra ck (2 pieces, same level)
Base of Table

Hope this helps! If not, post a question on my picture area and I'll help you out.
#1 Trouble with the plansWilliam Shine 2014-07-06 17:32
I am having trouble creating your poker table due to there not being any clear plans on how to do so. From what it looks like you make "Figure/Table piece A" into the racetrack and playing surface. than screw the base into both ?

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