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How to Build 4x4 Poker Table Legs

Plans to Build 4x4 Poker Table LegsThis section will teach you how to build poker table legs.  The legs outlined in this section are extremely inexpensive and, when done correctly, can look quite nice.  The legs are built out of nothing more than simple 4x4s that you can buy at any home improvement store and should take no longer than an hour to construct.  Your total construction, including paint, should cost under $20 and these legs are extremely sturday.

To download the printable version of these plans, please go to our Poker Table Plans page and enter your name and email address.  These poker table leg plans will then be emailed directly to you along with all of our other available poker table plans.

As always, if you use any of our plans, or if you create your own, we encourage you to come back and post some photos of your build in out Poker Table Pictures section of the site to both show off your work and to help others in their project.

Now on to building your poker table legs!

Step One

Tools and Materials to Build Poker Table Legs

You will be happy to know that very few special tools are required to build these poker table legs.  You will also require only a few dolars worth of materials.


Step Two

Cutting the Wood

This section will outline how to measure and cut up the 4 x 4s that you now have.  This is an extremely straightforward process.  This step in building your own poker table legs should take under 5 minutes.


Step Three

Assembling Your Poker Table Legs

A couple of screws here and there, a little glue, and your legs will be all put together.  This section will show you how to assemble your poker table legs.


Step Four

Finishing Your Poker Table Legs

This is the only step where a little craftsmanship may come into play.  Here we will fill in the gaps and apply primer and paint to the poker table legs.


Step Five

Attaching Mounting Plates

The last step is to create a means to mount the legs to the table.  We accomplish this by using a few very simple mounting plates that can be cut from scrap wood left over from building your poker table.