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How to Build a Racetrack Poker Table

How to Build a Racetrack Poker TableThis section will teach you how to build a racetrack poker table.  This particular poker table is found fairly commonly in home poker games and is not difficult to make.  The cost is somewhat higher than that of the standard oval poker table as you will need a higher grade of wood for the racetrack and may also want to add drop in cup holders.

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For easy instructions on how to make a racetrack poker table please begin on step one below.  Be sure to send in your photos after your build is complete.  Best of luck!

All materials to build a racetrack poker tablee are available in the shop including Poker Table Building Kits.  To watch our video tutorial please go to How to Build an Oval Racetrack Poker Table Video.

Step One

Tools and Materials to Build a Racetrack Poker Table

To build a racetrack poker table you will need a few more supplies than your standard table but the finished product should be worth the extra work.  Read on to find out what materials you will need.


Step Two

Cutting the Wood to Make the Table

This is where the fun begins.  Its time to get out the power tools and go to work.  This section outlines exactly how to measure and cut all of the wood for this project.


Step Three

Cup Holders and Racetrack

Finishing your racetrack can make a huge difference in the outcome of your poker table.  This section outlines how to finish the racetrack and determine the location of your cup holders before.


Step Four

Upholstering your Playing Surface

Now that all of the cutting and staining is complete, its time to upholster your poker table.  In this step we start with the playing surface as it is by far the easiest part and a great place to get your feet wet.


Step Five

Padding and Upholstering the Railing

Upholstering the padded rail is somewhat more difficult that working with the playing surface as the inside of the ring can be tricky.  In the section I will show  you exactly how to upholster the padded rail on your racetrack poker table.


Step Six

Assembling the Racetrack Poker Table

If you made it this far, you should have all of the individual parts to build a racetrack poker table complete.  Now all you have to do is assemble them.  This section will show you how to put everything together and secure it all.


Step Seven

Buying or Building Poker Table Legs

With a table as beautiful as the one you just got done building, it would be a shame to just drop it down on the kitchen table during poker night.  Let's explore your poker table leg options a bit.