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Poker Table Photos - John's Table
I bought the 8' "Upgraded" kit and I'm glad I did. This is the second table I've built. The first I tried with materials from local fabric stores and the quality wasn't as good as what I bought on this site.(It cost more too) I built a 4x6 table to fit in the basement. I had extra 1" foam for the padded rail so I doubled it up. Put the cut pieces underneath and then the solid piece on top. It's so cush. The only problem was stretching the vinyl. It was pretty tight on the sides. I used 3/4" Oak for the race track and custom tinted stain for the color. I tried to match the color of the chairs which is from my old kitchen table along with the pedistal. My wife was shocked when she asked if we could get a new kitchen set and I said yes. (I've been eyeing that pedistal for months.) I put about 8 hours into cutting the wood and upolstering and another 5 hours into staining, applying sanding sealer and varnishing the race track. I'm extremely happy with the way it came out. The stain matches the chairs better than what the pictures show. The only thing left to do is have a game and figure out if I want 6 or 8 cup holders in it. My friends are big, don't want to squeeze them in on an 8 person table if it just isn't going to work. Thanks BYOPT for the plans and materials. (If anyone has questions, just ask)

Finished Table
Playing Surface
First Layer of Padding
Race Track

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