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Poker Table Photos - Louie's Signature Custom Table
I wanted a Octagonal table with padded rails, so the plan started out simple (and much cheaper). Then I decided to add a strip of LED strip (not rope) lights. However I quickly realized that the playing area would be a good deal lower than the padded rails. At that point I added new "layers" of plywood to raise the playing area up even with the rails. To make a smoother transition from lower area (for chip trays and drink holders) to the upper playing area, I created a 45 degree "ramp" out of MDF and then finished it with a oak veneer. The same veneer was used around the outside of the table below the pad. Both were stained, finished, and waxed. The whole thing sits on an oak octagonal pedestal that I bought (unfinished) over the web. This was stained finished and waxed to match the veneer pieces. To avoid a electric cord the lights run off of a 12 volt rechargable battery attached to the bottom of the table.

poker table 1
poker table 2
poker table 4
poker table 6
poker table 5
poker table 3


#1 Very CreativeBYOPT 2012-11-02 12:54
Very creative Louie. This table looks amazing. Well done!

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