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Poker Table Photos - Mike's 8 man custom
I was sick of playing on a fold out table. So I decided to attempt to make a nice piece of furniture for the house. Overall I am pleased, but being my first table there are a few thing I will do differently if I build another.



#2 Answers John's to QuestionsMike Bransom 2012-10-29 18:14
Yes, it is 4'x6'. The pedestal is a 10" oak pedestal with 1' feet which makes the base about 34" across so it works for this size. You wouldn't be able to sit on the edges but as far as leaning on it while playing it works just fine. I probably wouldn't go any longer for a single pedestal. I'm 6'1 200 pounds and all my buddies are probably a little bigger. We all fit pretty well around the table. As far as NFL lineman goes it may be a little tight. As for the wood its just sanded pine that I got from Lowe's. I stained it and the pedestal with Minwax Red Oak oil based stain. If you have anymore Questions let me know.
#1 So Many QuestionsJohn Watson 2012-10-23 09:19
Nice looking table. I was wondering what size that is? 4'X6'? I built a 3'x8' table to fit in my mancave but since it's flooded and I've rebuilt it I'm changing the layout and want to build a different table. That size looks good. Also, does the single pedistal keep the table from rocking if the guys lean on it? What type of wood did you use for the cup holders? Can 8 guys sit comfortably around that size? All my friends look look like the the D line of the Ravens, I'm the umpa lumpa of the group. Looks real nice, any help would be great. Thanks, John

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