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Poker Table Photos - Nate's first table build
This is the first time I have built anything with these materials. This was a project me and my father did together and was a lot of fun spending time with him on this build. Before anything else I want to mention the exceptional customer service! The speed cloth I ordered had a small defect. I sent pictures of the area and was sent new cloth within a couple days and was not charged shipping again. The plans are very easy to follow and more importantly understand. I opted for the upgraded materials and highly recommend them as they were easy to work with and I am more than happy with the end result. I used the platinum speed cloth high density foam for under the playing surface and premium rogue vinyl for the rails with the 1" foam cushion. I have requests to build more for friends! It only takes one build to know how you can improve on your future builds! I am definitely referring everyone to this site and look forward to building more from this site. Thank you!!

First Step
First Oval Cut
More Cuts
Adding High Density Foam on Playing Surface
Applying High Speed Felt
High Speed Felt Finished
Applying 1
Starting Rail Vinyl
How I Stapled Vinyl to Rail
Finished Rail
Blue Lights
Used old Restaurant Table Bases
Just need chairs
All Finished!


#1 Very Well Done!BYOPT 2013-12-01 18:32
The table came out amazing! Very well done. Looks like the rail came out smooth and the lights look perfect. Nice work.

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