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Poker Supply Affiliate Program

If you want to make some extra cash by selling all of the great poker products that we sell here at Build Your Own Poker Tables, than our poker affiliate program is a great options for you. All you need is a website, blog, Twitter account, or facebook page, and you can start making some extra cash today.  When you sign up for the Build Your Own Poker Tables Poker Affiliate Program, you are signing up for one of the most lucritive poker supply affilate programs online. Continue reading for more information

Top Level Affiliate Payouts

Whether you make one sale a month or one hundred sales a month, we are paying all of our affiliates top level commissions. Everyone in our poker affiliate program gets a full 10% of the sale price for every item in the shop.

Higher Conversion Rates

Most web shops sell products.  Actually they list products and hope their visitors buy them.  At BYOPT we offer free plans to build poker tables.  This actually shows customers how to use our products and gives them a real reason to buy.  The content on the site sells the products.  All you, as an affiliate, have to do is get the customer to the site.  Then rather than showing a list of products that they may or may not want, we show them products and make them want them thus increasing conversion rates for both us and our affiliates.

Tracking Cookies

Build Your Own Poker Tables uses 15 day tracking cookies for affiliate traffic. What this means for you is that if someone visits the site thought one of your links and does not make a purchase, all is not lost. If that same person, or anyone from that same computer, comes back to the site in the next 15 days and makes a purchase, you get paid. This means that with us, you won't lose out on sales when people take their time and think about buying before actually buying.

How to Join

Just click on the Signup botton below and fill out the short application. Affiliate applications are generally approved within 24 hours and often much faster. If you are already an affiliate with BYOPT, please click the Login button to access your account.






Poker Table Supply Affiliate Program