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Please feel free to browse through any of the poker table photos below. If you have found the site useful and have built a poker table of your own using our free poker table plans, any other poker table pictures found on the site, or any other useful information that you found here, please also consider sharing your photos to help other builders, brag about your table, show off, or whatever other reason you may have.

You can also comment on any of the current poker tables featured on the site. Asking builders a direct question, however, is best done in the forum. Thank You.

60" Round Table Top (4)
The poker league I play in uses round 60" heavy duty plastic tables. I don't like playing on the plastic tables so I decided to build a top to place on top of the plastic tables. I searched and searched all over the internet for a large round table top that would fit 9-10 players. I could not find any. This is my first table build. All my poker buddy's love my table top, I plan to build another one this winter.


Owner: Skeeter
Jeremy's oiler table (3)
Jeremy's oiler table
One of the custom Edmonton oiler tables I made for my man cave.


Owner: Waterlessicecube
Kevins Krazy Kings (1)
Kevins Krazy Kings

This table was my second creation Turned out a fair sight better than my first one Now I'm looking at building my own Third time's a charm and that would be it I really like the color combination on this one I built for Kevin It also goes well with the room he keeps it in This table is played on regularly and still looks brand new Even with my buddy Phil leaving greasy pizza marks it came right off with some soap and water The waterproof speedcloth is great for that reason alone I used the regular thickness padding etc ......Read More

Owner: fe428623
Mike's Three Penny Rathskeller (7)
Kevins Krazy Kings - Mike's Three Penny Rathskeller
Owner: fe428623
Franks first table (11)
Franks first table

For my racetrack table I used Linoleum for the racetrack instead of finishing the plywood I used a vinyl welding rod to trim the edge of the playing surface to give a cleaner look at the transition It was tough to make perfect cuts up against the playing surface so the addition of the vinyl rod really cleaned it up I was very happy with the materials and the instructions I did upgrade the fabric cup holders padding etc Basically upgraded everything that could be upgraded well worth the extra dollars for the upgrades I used an old table base that ......Read More

Owner: bwhaler1985
Husband and wife build (15)
Husband and wife build

This was both of our first time with any sort of wood work Ordered our foam for the playing surface the rail and the table fabric from this website great customer service and great products our vinyl we got from Joanns We followed the raised poker table steps all the way up to raising the rail then we took our own route and started impervising and about trips to Home Depot The inside and outside is nailed with white hardboard then we got black vinyl edging from the flooring department at Home Depot and used vinyl adheasive to glue it onto ......Read More

Owner: kyoung52
Raised Rail, extended racetrack Pittsburgh Penguins Poker Table (8)
Raised Rail, extended racetrack Pittsburgh Penguins Poker Table

I saw this site and watched the video and decided Yea I can do that It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but the uniqueness of my design didn't help me much I decided to combine a double heighted raised rail with a racetrack design Then I combined this design with the dimensions of a hockey rink but shortened it from a person table to an person table I still have to cut the holes for the Brass cup holders I bought and put the legs on it But for now I plan on setting it on the ......Read More

Owner: Kallaway17
Todd's first (10)
Todd's first

I do a little bit of wood working I currently make Cornhole and Washer boxes and do several of these We have a group of guys that get together - times a month to play cards and I have not been able to host as I did not have a big enough table for playing on We usually have between - guys I had been looking for a table but had not seen anything I liked Came across a kit on Amazon and saw it was from BYOPT so I researched this site I want to give credit to the very ......Read More

Owner: Todd42966
Roby's 1st Poker Table (7)
Roby's 1st Poker Table
Octagonal poker table. Built in Iceland by an Italian mind following the guide of this page. I really like the contrast of the cards on the black fabric and in general I'm pretty satisfied of the final look of the table. Now, I'm start thinking about build a bigger one (round? octaqgonal?)...


Owner: rrobyrroby
Auctioneer Dave's Table (18)
Auctioneer Dave's Table

By looking at the many different builds posted on BYOPT and the basic instructions on their oval table we were able to piece together a pretty nice one I also got some good pointers from Dapper Dan s Poker table website These are just a few modifications to those plans that might be helpful Thanks to all of the earlier builders and to BYOPT who is a genuine first class company to deal with They not only have a time and money saving table kit with top notch material they are super friendly and obliging to work around your needs Personalized ......Read More

Owner: tarzanclipper
Joe's Raised Rail Lighted Padded Dealer Station Poker Table (20)
Joe's Raised Rail Lighted Padded Dealer Station Poker Table

This is my unfinished table so far When I began I wanted to make a table like the kind I've played on at casinos One where the cup holders are actually in the rail This table is a raised rail poker table with a full playing surface cup holders in the rail and a padded dealer station I wasn't a fan of the racetrack tables for a few reasons but the key was b c i didn't like the cup holders basically on the playing surface I ordered all the poker table supplies from here which included blackberry suited speed cloth ......Read More

Owner: joeysparkz
Beau's Beer Caps table (1)
Beau's Beer Caps table
Round Beau's Poker table 48' Over 400 beer caps. Visit Facebook page: JF's Customized Beer Caps Designs.


Owner: jjp000
Matt's Poker table (4)
Matt's Poker table
From what I thought was going to be a simple project turned into a difficult task. I used the plans found on this site and was extremely easy to follow. I appreciate the time it took to post them! Took 2 days and a whole lot of work! Used 3/4 inch construction grade plywood, crush velvet for the railing. I was going to use vinyl but, it didn't quite work out to well rounding the edges. The velvet was really simple and I like it much better then the vinyl.


Owner: mattinva
Build #1 (1)
Build #1
Turned out nice. Legs much harder than they looked. I think the table was easier to build. Pretty fun and got others interested in building their own.


Stonefish's table, v1 (59)
Stonefish's table, v1

As promised I've created a knockoff of http www buildyourownpokertables com dave-s-lighted-racetrack-table-with-lighted-legs It's got RGB LEDs it's got a raised rail and it's got a speedcloth racetrack It seems like nobody really wants a cloth racetrack because there's a huge sag in the table surface at the point where you cross from the racetrack to the playing surface So I made one that didn't do that The white stuff is mm plasticard which stands up nicely and sits flush with the top of the foam giving a perfectly smooth crossover from one surface to the other Cards fly right over without ......Read More

Owner: Stonefish
Dan's table (2)
Dan's table
2 weekends work. Fun project! I used the lighted poker table plans and added the race track with cup holders.


Owner: blackds33
Dan's lighted rail poker table with racetrack (15)
Dan's lighted rail poker table with racetrack

This is the very first thing I've ever built from scratch on my own I did a lot of research before I started and I couldn't be more pleased with the results I learned a lot and the next one I build there will be no surprises and it'll be even better I bought all of the foam vinyl cup holders and speed cloth from this site I bought the top of the line option for everything hopefully the materials will last a long time I checked different sites and this is the best place to purchase your materials I placed ......Read More

Owner: LtDan216
Eric's 1st table (1)
Eric's 1st table

So I'm not really a craftsman but I really liked the idea of building my own poker table After looking at all the pictures of everybody's tables I finally picked a theme that I really liked I ordered most of the basics from BYOPT and picked up the rest at Menards Project took me about hours total It was a learning experience First off buy the hole cutter I cut all the holes by a jigsaw and although it worked it took forever Secondly I murdered the straight cut with the skillsaw I wish I would've just used the jigsaw as ......Read More

Owner: Erfili
Dave's Lighted racetrack table with lighted legs (13)
Dave's Lighted racetrack table with lighted legs
I built a lighted racetrack with color changing LED's. I also added lighted legs for that WOW factor. I'm very happy with the results!


Owner: Dave.vongunten
Blue Racetrack (1)
Blue Racetrack
This was my very first wood working project. But since I can follow directions pretty good, I decided to give the racetrack table a try. My two sheets of 3/4 inch plywood cost $23 each. I drew the measurements and using a jig saw made pretty decent cuts. The cutting took several hours on a saturday. Ordered all the materials on this site and finished the job the following weekend. Since most folks were complaining about the flimsy legs at Homedepot, I decided to build my own as described on this site. Everything came out pretty good.


simple Boston Bruins (1)
simple Boston Bruins
Thanks BYOPT for your instructions. This table is 4'x8' the racetrack is made with yellow puckboard same material used in arenas on the boards. The table comes off as I built a box around the legs.


Owner: gilligan77
Racetrack table (3)
Racetrack table
Racetrack table minus the cup holders. This was my first poker table using plans. I had to modify the measurements to fit my dining room. Made the table so that it would bolt up to my existing dinning table legs.


Owner: rgf1515
Thad's 7' Raised Rail (16)
Thad's 7' Raised Rail

Thanks so much to BYOPT for making my table build very successful I followed the free instructions for the lighted rail table and bought most of the top notch materials from BYOPT Materials used Midnight blue speed cloth rogue rawhide vinyl closed foam for playing surface high density foam for rails stainless jumbo slide under cup holders blue waterproof VAC LED light strip My dining room isnt huge so i cut ovals to i also mounted cup holders instead of which i simply drilled the slide under style and mounted to bottom rail which turned out perfect everybody LOVES my table ......Read More

Owner: kojacks
Poker nights just got a lot more fun! :) :) :) :) (21)
Poker nights just got a lot more fun! :) :) :) :)

Racetrack table with black vinyl oak top stained cherry with emerald green playing surface This was my first time building a poker table For the racetrack I used four coats of Minwax Cherry stain and coats of water-based Varathane satin polyurethane finish I chose satin because I wanted the wood to look more natural and avoid excessive fingerprints from showing up I recommend using nice brushes for staining and finishing Purdy makes very nice brushes I used an all natural white bristle brush for my stain and a Syntax nylon brush for my finish Both are worth the investment for future ......Read More

Owner: thomashammond00
Jeremy's Table (1)
Jeremy's Table
After a friend wanted his old table returned to him, I decided to make my own with a few upgrades. This 46" by 92" table seats 10 and includes a laminate racetrack for added durability. I am in the process of making a table top for it as well. Haven't decided yet whether to add cup holders.


Owner: jpgreenlee
1st Poker Table Construction (25)
1st Poker Table Construction

I chose the racetrack table primarily because I liked the look of the table but I also wanted to have a table that would ensure that all players had a lot of room to play All told I have spent a little over for the poker table kit the wood extras and tools I chose all upgrades such as the satin playing fabric and thicker foam for the surface and railing I received my package four days my order was replaced I followed the steps with some minor exceptions for example I placed a small piece of playing surface fabric on ......Read More

Owner: simon
First Edition (10)
First Edition

This was my first attempt at a poker table Well make that my first attempt at a wood working project in general This is the first of my demo units before I start really producing them for locals Veneers used were Rosewood Burl Maple Burl and Quilted Maple Trim is Ebony Maple Rosewood veneers Keep in mind I built this having no previous knowledge and no tools to start so it was an exercise in patience and persistence This was built with a starter kit from BYOPT big thanks to them for putting these together The racetrack received coats of Polycrylic ......Read More

Owner: Sileighty_guru
Mike's Royal Flush of Poker Tables (7)
Mike's Royal Flush of Poker Tables
This is a six foot extended octogon table built using the "premium" table kit. I selected the midnight felt (which is great), rawhide vinyl, and stainless steel cupholders. I went to Lowe's and picked up a basic sheet of plywood and a maple sheet for the racetrack. Alltogether, the project took me about 3 weeks which amounted to about 6 actual work days. Couldn't be happier with the material and the quality!


Owner: uvraze
Mike's first and final table (4)
Mike's first and final table
Got rid of my pool table because it was only used as a poker table. this is my first build and I hope last. Table has premium table kit from BYOPT, raised rail, decorative copper nails, brass cup holders. i won't bore you with pictures of build process. Just final table, so to speak.


Owner: Mike
Charles' Poker Table (8)
Charles' Poker Table

I got two sheet of maple plywood from home depot miraculously made it without damage strapped to the top of an old Rav- Purchased a cheap jig saw and circular saw and went at it The cuts came out pretty good then applied General Finishes Java Gel Stain to the racetrack Once that dried I put on a coat of Parks Super Glaze epoxy resin for that nice glassy finish Unfortunately while curing a mosquito decided it wanted a seat at my table So after I dug him out I applied a second coat of epoxy this time in my kitchen ......Read More

Owner: charlesvox
Blackjack Table (8)
Blackjack Table
Weekend Project, that turned out well for my first construction project ever!


Father Son Project- Raised Rail Lighted Race Track (8)
Father Son Project- Raised Rail Lighted Race Track

This table was a weekend father son project First off- the products they sent were outstanding and I am extremely happy with the supplies I recommend them by all means We buit the raised railed light race track poker table The table weighs a lot so we placed four folding table legs However if doing this plan where we combined all three do not cut the outside inch cut from the racetrack playing surface piece instead keep that together because theres no reason to disconnect that inch perimeter when its going to be reattached To add lights just take a jig ......Read More

Owner: Gkeffer
The Maverick (14)
The Maverick

I've been doing woodwork for a long time but this was my first poker table This was my first taste of upholstering and it wasn't too bad I used maple for the playing surface and rail with a dark Kona stain The rail has padding and is covered with lizard skin vinyl which was very stiff and difficult to stretch the wrinkles out of Once the skin grows back on my thumbs I plan on trying to get some more of the wrinkles out - I used a neat little trick to get the pistols and bull head finished in there ......Read More

Chris's first table (elongated octagon) (4)
Chris's first table (elongated octagon)
First poker table build ever, and really the first project I've ever done in general. Needless to say I had to have someone shoe me how to use the tools required. My dad was able to help with that, and we finished the table over the course of 6 or so days. First time for either of us ever upholstering anything either. Overall pretty happy with how it turned out.


Fred's Table (5)
Fred's Table
I spent a few weeks searching for the best place to buy the materials to make the poker table. This place is the best place! It has everything you need so you don't have to pay double on your shipping costs. The quality of the materials are excellent! I've never done woodworking before but after a couple practices using the jigsaw, it was not that hard to make the table. Instructions were very easy to follow. Do the playing surface carefully so you won't have any wrinkles. Overall, I am very happy with the results.


Owner: fsutarjo
Blackhawks (1)
10 person poker table, hockey theme based on the united Center in Chicago. I painted the "ice" and used waterslide decal paper for all logos. I had a piece of Lexan cut then to cover the entire table , it gives it a nice glossy look.


Owner: reardoj
Shawn's First Table (2)
Shawn's First Table

I am a novice DIYer I stumbled upon this site looking at videos on YouTube on how to build a poker table I think the table came out well but I definitely learned some stuff First I used plywood birch for the rail MDF for the base The table is very heavy I wish my local store had and I wonder if I should use next time I build one I would probably still use birch but the MDF was very heavy and so much more difficult to staple to Second I didn't take enough time to pull the playing surface ......Read More

Owner: ShawnPDaddy
Nate's first table build (14)
Nate's first table build

This is the first time I have built anything with these materials This was a project me and my father did together and was a lot of fun spending time with him on this build Before anything else I want to mention the exceptional customer service The speed cloth I ordered had a small defect I sent pictures of the area and was sent new cloth within a couple days and was not charged shipping again The plans are very easy to follow and more importantly understand I opted for the upgraded materials and highly recommend them as they were easy ......Read More

Owner: nmccombs
first try (12)
first try
First time doing any kind of wood work. This site really helped me out. I will be giving it another go shortly as my friend asked me to build him one. Now that I have done one and learned what to do and not do, the next build should go smoothly. Time for some new and better tools though!.. Your site is great. everything about it! Keep it up!!


Owner: hockeyman59
Carl's Table (1)
Carl's Table
8' 10 player padded vinyl poker table with folding legs


Owner: celdridge01
Home Brought to Italy while Serving (6)
Home Brought to Italy while Serving

Made this table for my peers here in Italy so that we could enjoy each other's company while being away from the states First time building a poker table amp it took a while but it was fun to build BYOPT hooked me up with some awesome supplies amp made it worth while Obtaining the other items i e plywood jigsaw was a little more expensive than expected because of our location They don't sell plywood like we do at Lowe's or Home Depot I had to get it custom cut and it costed Euro approx per sheet of wood Way ......Read More

Paul C's Table (4)
Paul C's Table
I have minimal carpentry experience, but the plans on this site made it really easy for even the novice woodworker. It took me less than 2 weeks for complete it, working on it for only an hour or so here and there in my spare time. I highly recommend purchasing the table kit on this site and not bother going to a fabric store. There's just a huge difference in quality. Also, I can't stress enough to go with speed cloth and not use felt.


Owner: calvopa1
Duffs Table (3)
Duffs Table
I basically used the 4x4 table prints but as I was walking through the store I saw 4x4 fence posts and thought this would give it a fancier finish. We had to plane the spreaders down a little to make them the same. I was not the brains behind making this table. My friend has a woodshop and only deviated from the instructions on this a little bit


Owner: jamduf
Anniversary (30)

This table was a joint gift I made for our th wedding anniversary - I worked on it every weekend for months and finished with about a month to go Before this I hadn't done any wood projects in around years It turned out beautifully The vinyl suited speed cloth brass cupholders and all foam were in a kit from BYOPT I'm very happy we got the better vinyl and cupholders - they are beautiful together they really improve the overall quality of the finished table The pedestals legs and stretcher are from www fcipoker com and finished in mission oak ......Read More

Owner: ddipaula
Kinky Poker Table (2)
Kinky Poker Table

I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I am involved in the kink community in Las Vegas so I thought I'd do something a little different for my first poker table I had an old cage that we used to use for photo shoots and other fun I decided to repurpose it by making it the legs of the table This way some of the kinkier of our friends could be under the table while a game is going on Of course this lends itself to so many other things but this is a family site so ......Read More

Owner: mcbeck
Christmas Present from the Girlfriend (3)
Christmas Present from the Girlfriend
Purple racetrack poker table with lights and black vinyl. Standard 8x4 table, girlfriend bought all the supplies and her dad helped me build it as a Christmas present. No wonder she's my fiance now! ;)


Owner: short.stack91
Jobo and Roadie's table (10)
Jobo and Roadie's table
My friend and I just completed an oval table for my basement following the plans on the site. Instead of buying 3 pieces of plywood, we attached the scrap oval from 4.1 inch rail to the legs for extra support. Then we attached the table top to the legs/scrap oval.


Owner: Jobo
My 1st poker table build (10)
My 1st poker table build

I was going to buy a table but after reading the easy to follow step by step instructions I figured my brother and I could easily build one Its a foot table with an oak race track stainless jumbo cup holders Buckskin rail and Polo green speed cloth Everything was purchased here and I was very happy with the quality It has a few minor flaws but overall it came out awesome Pictures dont do it justice Brass cup holders wouldve looked great but to keep cost down I went with stainless That's my only regret Thanks for the quality products ......Read More

Owner: tlamont2001
My First Table (with lights) (10)
My First Table (with lights)
8' poker table with Platinum Speed Cloth and Home Depot Lights under the Gray Rogue Railing


Owner: jrienzo227
My pride (3)
My pride
standard 8"x4" with raised rail, and padded arm rest. Feet columns also crafted to match table.


Owner: bayrone
My first poker table (2)
My first poker table
Racetrack poker table built with Whisper blue vinyl and Silver Speed Cloth.  Racetrack has jumbo stainless steel cup holders.


Owner: alvin_kut
MichaelB's Table (5)
MichaelB's Table
52" Oak table. Center deck, Padded Rail, and cup holder pieces are all removable for ease of repair and/or cloth changes. Design is a bit complex, but if you have the tools (Router, Table saw, Jig Saw, Chop saw, T-Nailer) and the time, it is a fun project. I purchased the center pedestal at Goodwill for $15, all other woodwork was done by me.


Owner: MichaelB
Gold Class (2)
Gold Class
Poker table has gold suited speed cloth complimented with mahogany wood racetrack and chocolate arm rest with jumbo silver cup holders.


Packer race track table (3)
Packer race track table
First time building a poker table. The plans were great! Easy step by step instructions. Green Bay Packers Poker Table Room.


Owner: Felten
125th Transportation Company Poker Table Build (7)
125th Transportation Company Poker Table Build

This is a table we sent over to the the 125th Transportation Company serving in Iraq though our Tables for Troops program.  We included a few before and after photos so you could see the upgrade.

For more information on the Tables for Troops program or to help us send more supplies to units like this, please visit: Tables for Troops


First Attempt (2)
First Attempt
Little rough on the fit but for the most part it came out how I wanted it. Used 1 piece of birch plywood for the whole poker table, racetrack included.


Owner: shin01176
St. Louis Blues Table (2)
St. Louis Blues Table
St. Louis Blues hockey rink themed poker table build by Cary.


Owner: caryisnaked
DHolley (1)
Racetrack Poker Table Birch racetrack with Blackberry speed cloth, black marble vinal. Brass cup holders. I had a great time building this table. Website was very helpful.


Owner: dholley
Ricks First Poker Table (1)
Ricks First Poker Table
So not only was this my first poker table but also my first ever wood project. I became interested in woodworking after watching my brother in law restore a pool table. This table came out great for my first. The hardest part was doing the leather for the rail. My cuts were slightly off due to my excitement(i tend to rush). Other then that i really enjoyed making the table and it will definitely not be my last.


Owner: xXGrime
Star Wars Poker Table - Sith Version (59)
Star Wars Poker Table - Sith Version
Somehow we managed to take something as cool as a DIY poker table and make it nerdy with a star wars theme.  This is a Rogue Crimson on Blackberry Speed Cloth racetrack finished with Ebony stain and Acrylic.  8 Jumbo Aluminum Cup holders were also added.   Expect the blue Jedi Star Wars Poker Table to follow some time in the near future.


Evan's 1st table (7)
Evan's 1st table

I've really been wanting to host a weekly poker game at my house but didn't want to just use a fold out table topper I ran across this site and decided to just tackle the job of making one myself I chose the premium kit with black rogue vinyl black speed cloth and black jumbo cupholders I had to order a hole saw from Amazon for these cupholders as I couldn't find one this size elsewhere I used birch plywood and stained with minwax cherry I finished off the racetrack with coats of minwax spray on clear gloss lacquer which came ......Read More

Owner: evanadams83
Kenny's 1st table (20)
Kenny's 1st table
I've built a 72" Stretched Octagonal Lighted poker table with Poly'd Maple hardwood Racetrack with hidden pull out cup holders, ashtrays and a locking 1000 chip dealer drawer. With some lucky scrounging and helpfulI tips from this website i was able to complete this build for $320.00


Owner: kenny.k2133
the irish one (2)
the irish one
Guinness table


Owner: pokerace
Heptagon (7 Sided) Poker Table (47)
Heptagon (7 Sided) Poker Table

This is the second table I've built my first was several years ago Since we never use a designated dealer and for the novelty I decided to build a new seven sided table I made several modifications to a set of plans for an eight sided table I found on line Most obvious is the modification from an octagon to a heptagon and I also fabricated my own pedestal The table is wide and offers of space per player another advantage of a seven sided table The top is easily removable by only four hex screw which makes it easily transportable ......Read More

Owner: MotownMat
Steve and Paul's First table (9)
Steve and Paul's First table
This was a first attempt at a table. Bought the products from this site and I'm glad I did. Everything turned out fantastic. this was going to be a Rutgers table at first, but I couldn't find the school's poker chips at a reasonable price. This project took about 5 weeks with the help of friend, who happens to also be a master at making furniture and other items, so we used all of his tools. Highly recommend the mini keg of Spaten when building this, but only after the cutting is done.


Owner: plague4
Paul's Table (1)
Paul's Table
Gaming table built for my family. After watching Table Top with Wil Wheaton (on YouTube), my kids fell in love with table top games, and I decided to build this beauty with the designs found here. The legs I got off of cregs list for real cheap!


Owner: pjnavarre
John's Table (8)
John's Table

I bought the ' Upgraded kit and I'm glad I did This is the second table I've built The first I tried with materials from local fabric stores and the quality wasn't as good as what I bought on this site It cost more too I built a x table to fit in the basement I had extra foam for the padded rail so I doubled it up Put the cut pieces underneath and then the solid piece on top It's so cush The only problem was stretching the vinyl It was pretty tight on the sides I used Oak for ......Read More

Owner: Theurer76
Table Two (4)
John's Table - Table Two
My Wife's boss wanted a table after playing on mine. He went with the Chocolate Speed Cloth and the Walnut Vinyl. The colors go great together and are very rich. He had his own legs to put on it.


Owner: Theurer76
Table Three (3)
John's Table - Table Two - Table Three
This table came out pretty good. First time making a dealer station. He went with the Blue Speed Cloth and the Black Vinyl. I ended up dumping the folding legs and built a version of the 4x4 legs on this site. Solid as can be.


Owner: Theurer76
Table 4 (3)
John's Table - Table Two - Table Three - Table 4
This table they wanted the dealer station and chip tray. They got their own "felt" which I know will wear out so much faster than the speed cloth. I will be doing it again in a year I'm sure. I made my own version of the 4x4 legs I found on this site. This is a 10' table so I bought 2 8'x4"x4" and a 10'x2"x6". Screwed it together with 3" drywall screws and 2 cans of flat black spray paint. It cost $44.


Owner: Theurer76
Jason's Table (4)
Jason's Table
The poker table was made with Birch as the viewable surface. I really enjoyed this project. I have two friends that want me to build theirs.


Owner: jshap
Aaron's Racetrack Table (3)
Aaron's Racetrack Table
This table took me 15 hours to build. I downloaded the plan from this site and it worked great. I purchased the upgraded kit and I'm glad I did because the materials are top quality. Thank you!


Owner: ag1722
60" Octagon table (2)
I followed the instructions on this site for building an octagon poker table but wanted it to be larger and more accomodating. To do this I had to join another 12" to the side of my sheet to get the needed 60" width. This is a lot more work because not only do you have to join two pieces but to make it sturdy enough I added a half-inch mdf to the back of it.


Owner: wyatt
Nick's Red Sox Nation Table (10)
Nick's Red Sox Nation Table
Being a die hard Boston fan from Michigan I needed something to stand out in my man cave. Thanks to BYOPT I made it come true. I would strongly recommend the speed cloth it makes those cards slide so much nicer than regular felt. I constructed the racetrack out of oak with a medium color stain and high gloss finish. The table came out just how I imagined and 10 people fit around it comfortably. I can't wait to make my my second one. Thanks again BYOPT!!


Owner: Nicks0310
Custom Fold in-half Eight Person Table (1)
Custom Fold in-half Eight Person Table
This table was built for a friend after they saw a table I built for my house. It folds in half for easy storage. Seats eight people and I used plastic replacement angled chip/cup hold trays in the corners. Its 4'x4' and I used a 2"x3" for the rail.


Owner: amprince88
Keith k. table (1)
Keith k.  table
Keith's table


Beer Cap Poker Table (5)
Beer Cap Poker Table
Poker table top made with beer bottle caps and covered with bar epoxy. Top sits on the kitchen table and is easily removed to store in closet when not in use.


Owner: jamiecrouch31
Tim's First Poker Table (4)
Tim's First Poker Table

I was using a topper for my home games but after finding your web site I decided my man cave was deserving of an upgrade so I had to make my own table and BYOPT was a one stop shop This was the first table that I built and I used birch for the racetrack amp playing surface and plywood for the rail and base I gave my table a Vegas look by inlaying different casino chips with matching casino cards in the racetrack and then an epoxy pour over the racetrack I added a programmable LED light strip with possible ......Read More

Owner: Chiefr
Tim's Second Poker Table (4)
Tim's First Poker Table - Tim's Second Poker Table

With limited space in the man cave, I had to make a smaller table to have room for 2 tables, so I made an 8 position 3’ by 6’ table. I kept with the Vegas theme and did the same inlay on the racetrack and added some card suits in-between the brass cup holders. Both tables turned out great and I cannot wait to see the reaction of the guys when they see the second table.

You can see Tim's first table here:


Owner: Chiefr
Copper Nickel and Brass (3)
Copper Nickel and Brass
Owner: jt_archibeque
Breezy's octagon (1)
Breezy's octagon
Black suited speed cloth with parchment rogue vinyl...this thang came out nice for being a first glide to the players and their chips glide to me


Owner: Breezy804
Breezys 10 man (2)
Breezy's octagon - Breezys 10 man

This is my second table I built it with the midnight blue suited speed cloth and black rogue vinyl I also installed jumbo aluminum silver cup holders to accommodate drinks I highly recommend the midnight blue speed cloth if blue is your color of choice was thinking of going with a brown rail but I figured the cup holders wouldn't look as nice so I stuck with the black rail for legs I used the x leg plans that worked out great they are very sturdy and I built them with ease All I need to do is paint the legs ......Read More

Owner: Breezy804
my 1st table (5)
my 1st table
This was my 1st attempt at a poker table. I was debating between lighted, or racetrack. I went with racetrack, and I think it turned out amazing. I used 3/4" birch for the racetrack and cheap 3/4" plywood for the rail and base. The stain is minwax 'cabernet', with I think looks great with the blue fabric. I wish I would have done brass cupholders, but I'm still really happy with the results.


Owner: Onyx7118
Casey's Mancave Masterpiece (13)
Casey's Mancave Masterpiece

Hi everyone I created this table with the idea in mind that my friends are clumsy and I didn't want drinks spilled all over my playing surface My table is a nine player table with mother of pearl numbers inlayed at each table position and drink holders mounted under the table on drawer slides I used red velveteen to match the playing surface of my pool table and blackjack table also home made that are in the same room although I should have gotten a burgundy color to match better I used dark mahogany stain on the legs and underneath and ......Read More

Owner: Casey D.
Louie's Signature Custom Table (6)
Louie's Signature Custom Table

I wanted a Octagonal table with padded rails so the plan started out simple and much cheaper Then I decided to add a strip of LED strip not rope lights However I quickly realized that the playing area would be a good deal lower than the padded rails At that point I added new layers of plywood to raise the playing area up even with the rails To make a smoother transition from lower area for chip trays and drink holders to the upper playing area I created a degree ramp out of MDF and then finished it with a oak ......Read More

Owner: louisrusso
Nate Marquardt's Elliptical Table (15)
Nate Marquardt's Elliptical Table
My table is a 10 person table in the shape of an ellipse. I used oak for the racetrack and bottom sheet. I used black vinyl, black speed cloth and black large cup holders. I also stained using Minwax Gray stain. i used 3.5" metal table legs and bought the premium kit on this site which uses 1/4" and 1.5" foams for the playing area and the rail. Watch my video of how to on


Owner: natemarquardt
Big Blue Oval (6)
Big Blue Oval
Hey Gang - I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to refinish my own table, until I stumbled upon this website with clear concise direction, perfect amount of pictures and words, helps us "GET IT!" Great site. I welcome you to come see my blogsite if you have time at for more things poker, and a few laughs from time to time! Thanks again Tom! - Pat


Owner: BrownPM86
Mike's 8 man custom (3)
Mike's 8 man custom
I was sick of playing on a fold out table. So I decided to attempt to make a nice piece of furniture for the house. Overall I am pleased, but being my first table there are a few thing I will do differently if I build another.


Owner: MikeB
My first table (8)
My first table
I was sick and tired of felt stretched over a table, so I bought the fabric and built this thing. I used 3/4" plywood as the base, it is 8 foot long and 4 foot wide. I plan on re-visiting the railing eventually... but for my first go with no plans this turned out decently.


Owner: NamantH
Custom Cup Holder Lighted Poker Table (8)
Custom Cup Holder Lighted Poker Table
I made this poker table for a friend. I used the scrap from the rail sheet of plywood from table 1 and 2 to make the under table base and the scrap from the rail elevation to make hexagon pillars for legs. My friend was set on having cup holders, but i couldn't bring myself to drill hole in the racetrack after the dremil work I did on it so I made them pull out from underneath. finished the racetrack with resin.


Brian's Stretched Octagon (6)
Brian's Stretched Octagon

I have a very small space and routinely have - players at my game My person octagon table just didn't work so i built a ft stretched octagon to accomodate more players It is still tight with players but comfortable for or less At least now we can fit at one table With its no tighter than it was with on my old octagon I highly reccommend you add the cup holders All my players love them and limits the chance a beer will be spilled on your nice new table Speed cloth is midnight blue and awesome It changes colors ......Read More

Owner: brianbumgar
Bulldog Artillery Table (10)
Bulldog Artillery Table

Here is the start of our FOB poker table build, this shows you can do anything with a dewalt kit, and a little imagination, also the debut of our bulldog use bunker, that will house the poker table as well as entertainment systems.

For more information on the Tables for Troops program or to help us send more supplies to units like this, please visit: Tables for Troops


Owner: bstewart72
DV's Wings Table (3)
DV's Wings Table

A friend of mine's wife asked me if I would be able to build him a table for his upcoming birthday since I had built one for myself in the past months and apparently he was pretty impressed with that one Due to a lack of space he doesn't even think it's possible to fit a table into his playing area but thanks to the plans on BYOPT I was able to come up with a Detroit Red Wings themed table that will fit perfectly I am tempted to build a new table for myself now that I see the finished ......Read More

Owner: skirdhu99
Basic Table for MWR. Deployed to Afghanistan (6)
Basic Table for MWR. Deployed to Afghanistan
Just a basic table that I built. Had our Locals that work in the wood shop do the cuts for me. The way they did their semi-circles surprised me.


Owner: christopherwolf2002
Mahogany & Gun Metal Home Game Table (1)
Mahogany & Gun Metal Home Game Table
My second attempt at a table. First was basic, just playing surface, rail, and removable legs. Sold it and wanted to build one bigger and better. Premium leather raised rail. Mahogany veneered racetrack and outer edge. Gun Metal suited speedcloth. Suited decorative aluminum cover over the raised rail. Clawed pedestal legs stained to match the veneer. Turned out beautiful. A lot of work and planning but well worth it. Will build another one if I get the right offer.


Owner: jrepoker
Roger's first table (7)
Roger's first table
This is the fist table I have built. Being the first, there are many things i have learned and would do differently. I used 3 sheets of 3/4" plywood (2 regular and 1 sheet of OSGS) Overall i am quite pleased.


Owner: bigredrp
Doug`s Table (6)
Doug`s Table
Got all my supplies from BYOPT. Used silver speed cloth and black whisper rail vinyl. The racetrack is Douglas fir plywood with really nice grain pattern and the brass cup holders look great. I used five coats of Polycrylic on the racetrack. Already have one order for another table LOL $$$$. Thanks for the great plans.


Jim's Poker Table (2)
Jim's Poker Table

On my first table, I used 2 - 3/4" sheets of plywood.  I used the inner oval from the rail piece and glued/screwed it to the bottom - it made the table very sturdy.   I also used a dining room pedestal base that I got from JC Pennies warehouse.  Seriously, I could set a car on top of this thing. - Jim

Nice work Jim.  The table looks really nice.  I especially like the pedestals that it's sitting on.  Now, on to the next table. - BYOPT


Blue on Black Blackjack Table (2)
Blue on Black Blackjack Table
This blue on black blackjack table was sent in a few years ago to our former partner site buildyourownblackjacktables dot com.  BYOPT has since absorbed that site so the photos made their way here.  You can find the plans to build this very blackjack table at .


Dennis's Green and Sandalwood Poker Table (2)
Dennis's Green and Sandalwood Poker Table
Thank you so much. I did receive all items order in a very timely manner. Everything was just what I had ordered. I am attaching a photo of the completed poker table only thing missing are the players. Feel free to post it on your site. Again thank you.


Owner: istrede
Andrea's Poker Table (1)
Andrea's Poker Table
A poker table sent in by Andrea, built with BYOPT standard chocolate vinyl and gold casino cloth.  They went with a dealer cut out and really nice high back chairs.  Looks like a great poker table and a very comfortable poker room.  Nice build Andrea!


Owner: andreadixon24
The Christmas Gift (8)
The Christmas Gift

My sister in law asked me if I thought I could build a poker table She wanted to give it to her husband for Christmas I never built anything like that before and it sounded like a challenge I occasionally get in some games with him and I was laid off for the winter so game on She wanted a heavy duty table top with lighted rails It turned out to be the most beautiful thing I've ever built Now I have an order for another Not much time to build them being I'm back to - hrs a week at ......Read More

Owner: laserredv2
Charity Auction Table (6)
Charity Auction Table

My friend Luke and I built this table to be placed in a charity fundraiser auction to benefit the family of a young man named Justin Bradley that was killed in a rodeo accident This is the second table we built but the first using materials ordered from this site This one turned out much better and I highly recommend the materials offered here The auction takes place on at the benefit rodeo Looking forward to seeing how it goes Tom Kearns of BYOPT donated a gift card to help our cause and we greatly appreciate his help in getting our ......Read More

Owner: Todd
Anthony's Lighted Poker Table (9)
Anthony's Lighted Poker Table

Anthony built this black on red poker table with lights with supplies from BYOPT.  He took some great shots of the installation of the rope lights under the poker table rail to help anyone who is having problems with getting the lights attached to the rail.

Thanks for the photos Anthony and nice work!


Owner: Anthony
David's Poker Tables (3)
David's Poker Tables
Just some picture of what I've done with products I purchased from


Owner: sandersdm03
Jamison Poker Table (4)
Jamison Poker Table
Needed something better than a patio table to play on. when i was looking to buy one i found this web site. went with racetrack table and painted suits were the cup holders should go. kept cost down and still keep players seperated, plus it looks pretty cool. forrest green felt pecan stain with 5 coats polly dark brown faux leather. Thanks


Owner: edjamison
Royal Rogue Experiment (8)
Royal Rogue Experiment

This one is an old casino style poker table that we decided reupholster to test out some new fabrics on Reviews below Royal Velveteen I had high hopes for this velveteen The name alone sounds like this is high end stuff The price tag certainly confirmed this Unfortunately high end doesn't always translate to right for the job In this case the actual velveteen is beautiful It is soft and easy to work with The problem is that the cards just don't slide on it For that reason along with the inflated price we will not be stocking Royal Velveteen Rogue ......Read More

Owner: BYOPT
First Table (1)
First Table
A simple black on black removable table top. I have a 36" x 36" dining table that sits 40" high. The rail diameter was sized to to fit the table corner to corner. The bottom of the table is also fitted with padding and felt to protect the dining table surface. A custom stencil design will be added later.


Owner: jurdens
Lama Poker table (5)
Lama Poker table

It was the first time building a poker table It was a lot of work but it worth every hour we put in the making This website was a real inspiration for us We got ideas from Pete's Custom Angled Poker Table for the shape from Javier's Gator Racetrack Poker Table for the vinyl and from Jim's Custom Cut Out Poker Table for the custom playing areas We wanted to get the cup holders out of our way so we decided to get them in the rail instead of in the race track As for the legs we recycled them from ......Read More

Owner: bigben
The Murray's racetrack and light up poker table (15)
The Murray's racetrack and light up poker table
I have had the idea to build this poker table for a long time but never found plans that I felt comfortable with, until I found this site. This is our first table and it turned out much better then expected.


Owner: upncomin
Ryan's Banded Black on Blue (15)
Ryan's Banded Black on Blue
Ryan added unique vinyl bands to the corners of his railing to cover up some upholstery imperfections.  They actually turned out looking pretty cools.  Total build time: just over 3 hours.


Owner: Ryankroge
Luca's pliant table (33)
Luca's pliant table
This is my first attempt at making a poker table, not having enough space to put another table in the house I built a folding table, to be placed on any table or stands. Excuse me for the bad English ... best regards from ITALY! ;)


Owner: Coxx
BFD table (4)
BFD table

This is my first poker table I made and sold Wood working is not new I've built multiple sets of Cornhole Boards and Beer Pong Tables before I kept costs down to The customer was blown away with the details and clean look She was buying this table for her fiance who is a Boston Fire Fighter and a friend of mine The table is 'x ' for players The playing surface is bright red felt with the design done in fabric maker freehanded The race track is oak plywood with Early American Stain and the symbols are done by scoring ......Read More

Owner: JomoSports
4x4 Round (14)
4x4 Round
Vinal Padded rail with 2 layers of 1/2" HD foam. Laquered birch raceway. Black velveteen playing surface.


Owner: mludeker
James's Table (10)
James's Table

I knew I wanted to try and build a poker table because I couldn't stand the idea of playing on a solid wood kitchen table anymore After losing sleep for two or so weeks thinking about the project I decided to go for it I managed to do all of the work by myself in about hours over a span of five days The only thing I cannot stress enough for a first time builder is that there WILL be small imperfections in the wood as you cut it but do not let that discourage you It's much like any project ......Read More

Owner: jbaxter
Big Cats' Den (2)
Big Cats' Den

This eight foot by four foot custom poker table was quite fun fast and easy to build It has a high density foam with a black vinyl wrapped rail The racetrack is coats Red Oak stain with coats gloss protection The racetrack has inlaid stainless steel cup holder custom spaced left hand and right hand because I being right handed prefer my drink to be to the left out of the way to use my right to bet and look at my cards The felt top is not felt at all but rather another nice fabric that will endure and slides ......Read More

Owner: tvvistedkid13
Table #2 (8)
Table #2

This is a race track style table with an oak race track and legs I'm not very good at keeping cost down I have about in this table On my first table I used foam and I could fell the edges when I lean my elbows on the table To combat this I used a router to round the edge on the rail before adding the high foam now being sold on this site it worked great One table one I used plywood for a base and there is a little flex One table two I used BC and wrapped it ......Read More

Owner: Hilde6
Jon's Table (14)
Jon's Table

This is my first attempt at making a poker table. I "borrowed" a couple of ideas from some of the other tables and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I embedded some of my poker chips in the birch racetrack and finished it with a light cherry stain and Kleer Kote sealer. I used the burgundy speed cloth for the playing surface and black vinyl for the railing. I decided to put folding legs on the table so it would be easier to store when I'm not using it. Thanks for the easy to follow plans.


Owner: lavoy01
Pete's Custom Angled Poker Table (8)
Pete's Custom Angled Poker Table

Pete modified the basic plans by putting together some of the best ideas of other builders on the site.  The result is this beautiful custom angled rail ten seat poker table.  The rails and corners are poplar coated with 5 coats of poly and the playing surface is suited casino cloth.  To save some cash, Pete salvaged the legs from an old banquet table and managed to build this highly customized table for only $200.  Outstanding work Pete!


Troy's Suited Racetrack Poker Table (5)
Troy's Suited Racetrack Poker Table

Troy built this racetrack poker table with a slightly raised playing surface to make raking in those chips easier than ever.  He used suited casino cloth for the playing surface and decided to go with casino style slide in cup holders.  Now the only thing left to do is make sure that you're the one raking those chips off of that playing surface.  Nice work Troy!


Roy's "Juggernaut" Poker Table (3)

Roy put together a nice custom racetrack poker table with a central pedistal and two supporting legs on either side. He added some flare to the racetrack with some suit and crown decor. Nice work Roy!


Dene's Custom Cup Holders (11)
Dene's Custom Cup Holders

Dene was looking to give his raised railing racetrack table a little something unique. What he came up with was custom suited cup holders. Rather than use the standard drop in drink holders for his poker table, he drilled the holes only through his top sheet of wood. He then painted the 4 suits on the bottom and finished the table. The effect is something unique and different. Nice work Dene!


Shane's Suited Poker Table (7)
Shane's Suited Poker Table

After a fabric mistake and the realization that cutting a straight race track is more difficult that it looks, Shane decided to build a casino style poker table and add cup holders directly to the playing surface.  He also added a little extra height to his rail.  For supplies he used red speed cloth, cinnamon whisper vinyl and drop in stainless cup holders.  The project came out so well that some of his firends still dont believe that he build the thing himself.  Nice Work Shane!!


Mark's Custom Designed Pedestal Poker Table Base (12)
Mark's Custom Designed Pedestal Poker Table Base

From Mark's Email What is pictured here takes some prep work I chose an octagonal pedestal design made of pieces cut to allow the perfect playing surface height This figures in optional sheet plywood base pictured later and plywood playing surface foam padding Each piece should be exactly the same by setting up a jig - only need to measure once Then each piece is ripped at a degree angle on table saw - just take the corner off doesn't have to be exact I then created an octagonal frame by measuring inside width of one side of the octagon Be ......Read More

Steve and Teresa's Racetrack Poker Table (19)
Steve and Teresa's Racetrack Poker Table

Steve and Teresa took a slow but steady approach to their build and had something that they both could be proud of when the job was done.  Slow and steady wins the race right?


Javier's Gator Racetrack Poker Table (5)
Javier's Gator Racetrack Poker Table

Javier "Chowda" built a very nice poker table with nice contrasting textures on each section.  The rail is Nuvtex Gator in Black, the racetrack is varnished wood with stainless steel cup holders and the playing surface is done in a nice green suited casino cloth.  Javier also took the time to add a really nice set of pedistal legs to the table.  All in all one of the nicer tables I have had the pleasure to come accross.  Nice work Chowda!


Chowda's Cocoa Slither Racetrack Poker Table (6)
Chowda's Cocoa Slither Racetrack Poker Table

Javier "Chowda" just finished his second poker table and its a beauty!  This work of art is upholstered with bronze suited casino cloth and Nuvtex Slither in Cocoa.  Topped off with stainless steel cup holders and a nice set of claw pedistal legs, this is a very nice poker table.  Nice work Chowda!


Jim's Custom Cut Out Poker Table (6)
Jim's Custom Cut Out Poker Table

Jim built this poker table with custom playing areas for each player Aside from looking really cool this makes it a whole lot easier to pick those nice plastic cards up off of the race track He used volara foam as padding MDF for the base and rail and birch for the race track and playing surface Unfortunatly due to imperfections in the wood Jim was forced to use a mil curly maple veneer to give his racetrack the finish that it deserved The table is rounded out with adjustible legs Thanks for the photos Jim and good luck with your ......Read More

Phil's Hardwood Poker Tables (5)
Phil's Hardwood Poker Tables

Phil sent in these photos of a couple of themed tables that he build.  As you can see he choose not to upholster a playing surface.  Instead he added graphics directly to the oak table and then applied the polyurithane over that.  His table also features a lighted rail, build in cup holders, and folding legs.


Kenny's Custom Poker Table (10)
Kenny's Custom Poker Table

Kenny and his wife decided to build a Pittsburgh themed poker table for Kenny's father-in-law for his birthday this year.  The table is named after the Terrible Towels that you see at Steeler games.  Lets have a look.


Tk's Purple Poker Table (3)
Tk's Purple Poker Table

Simple poker table with black vinyl and purple velveteen.  The legs are obviously not ideal but they're cheap and good enough for my brother's basement.  Included is a close up shot of the rail vinyl deep in the arc, still smooth, just to show that it can be done.


Joe's Lighted Poker Table (28)
Joe's Lighted Poker Table

This is Joe's second table and he really went all out on this one.  Features include a raised and lighted rail, custom graphics on the felt, custom double leg set up, and a whole lot more.  Nice job Joe.  Keep up the good work!!!

Joe did a good job of showing each step that was unique to his table.  From the custom leg configuration to the lighted railing.  Since he has so many photos, I've added quite a few to give you a good idea of what went into this table.


Custom Racetrack Poker Table (4)
Custom Racetrack Poker Table

Micheal chose to change up the plans a little bit to give his poker table some originality.  He made a custom wood border, instead of a standard racetrack, to house his built in stainless steel cup holders.  Over all the table looks really nice.

Thanks for the photos Michael.  Congratulations on a very nice Poker Table.


Joey's Custom Poker Table (9)
Joey's Custom Poker Table

Joe managed to build a very nice poker table in about 50 hours over a 6 day period.  Considering the fact that Joe had never used any of the tools or materials required to make the poker table, this is pretty impressive.



Jim's Custom Racetrack Poker Table (9)
Jim's Custom Racetrack Poker Table

This custom racetrack poker table was sent in by Jim.  He added rope lights under the railing and also added some beer lables before adding the poly to his racetrack for a little extra flair.  You can also see that he used suited casino cloth to upholster the playing surface to add a little more texture to the table.  All in all a very nice race track table.  Well done Jim!!



Folding Poker Table Pictures (28)
Folding Poker Table Pictures

Phil Gordon from Ireland wanted to build a folding poker table that he could put in the closet for storage before and after games. What he came up with is pretty impressive. Lets have a look.


Concrete Octagon Poker Table Pictures (6)
Concrete Octagon Poker Table Pictures

Phil is the builder of this unique concrete poker table.  When asked about how he did it he wrote this: The basic premise is to build a mold out of melamine ( Its a smooth, white, laminated particle board) insert re-bar grid to strengthen concrete and help prevent cracking, add inserts such as chip trays and cup holders, pour concrete over everything in mold, wait for concrete to harden, remove from mold and polish with wet stone polisher, then seal and wax.


The Pacific Coaster (4)
The Pacific Coaster

I recently got an email from Chris letting me know that his poker group now had the "best table on the Mendocino CA coast."  He sent in some photos of his 10 person racetrack table and I may have to agree with him.  The table features a custom racetrack, raised railing with clear vertical grain old growth Coast Redwood and custom upholstery around the outside of the rail.  He also added nice stainless slide under cup holders to top it all off.


Operation "Poker Table" (19)

A couple of months ago I received an email from a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy serving in Iraq.  He was looking to get a poker table put together to give his men(and women) something to do in their downtime.  After a few emails back and forth, we were able to get some supplies over to the boys in Iraq and its been poker ever since.


Daniel's Mini Poker Table (14)
Daniel's Mini Poker Table

As you can see Daniel took our standard poker table plans and shrunk them down to suit his needs.  He included photos of the complete construction of the poker table including some really good photos of the upholstery or the rail.  Thanks Daniel.



Ovidiu's Economic Racetrack Poker Table (3)
Ovidiu's Economic Racetrack Poker Table

Ovidiu didn't want to spend a lot of money so he decided to make a couple of changes to the original plans.  As you can see he used plant stands for his cup holders ($0.50/each) and built the legs out of the excess wood from the inside of the padded rail.  Thanks for the photos and good money saving ideas Ovidiu.



Joe's Bellagio Racetrack Poker Table (9)
Joe's Bellagio Racetrack Poker Table

Joe build a race track poker table and then decided that he wanted to add a little extra.  With just some gold fabric paint he painted the Bellagio "B" (also the first letter of his last name) directly in the center of his table.  It looks great with the color of the finished racetrack and the really brings the whole table together.  As you can see Joe used folding table legs and removeable cup holders for easy cleaning.  Overall a really nice table.  Thanks for the photos Joe.



Médéric's Round Poker Table (12)
Médéric's Round Poker Table

Our new friend Médéric was nice enough to send in his poker table photos to let us know how they do it in France.  He also included some really nice photos of his construction.  The pictures of the upholstering step it think will probalby be especially helpful to anyone having problems upholstering thier padded rail.  All in all a nice little poker table.

Thanks for the photos Médéric!!!



Black on Black Poker Table (9)
Black on Black Poker Table

Jay built this Black on Black beauty in about 16 hours all by himself.  Where were all of your poker buddies Jay?  You can see that Jay built the poker table with folding legs and added dedorative nails around the base to give it a little something extra.  Nice work Jay!!



Dan's 3 Tier Wine Poker Table (10)
Dan's 3 Tier Wine Poker Table

Dan created this three tier beauty with 5 sheets of 3/4" sanded plywood, red rope lighting and all of the usual suspects; Wine colored velveteen, padding, and vinyl.  The end product is a really nice WSOP style raised railing poker table that Dan and his crew will be enjoying for a long time.  Nice work Dan!



Taylors Crimson Tide Poker Table (4)
Taylors Crimson Tide Poker Table

This is the latest and greatest new creation by Chris from the Pacific Coaster.  This beauty has Douglas Fir framing and legs along with Spalted Alder skirting, raised rail, and racetrack.  Nice work Chris!



Dennis' Custom Angled Rail Poker Table (8)
Dennis' Custom Angled Rail Poker Table

Dennis just didn't have the space for a full foot oval poker table so he made some modifications to his table Luckily he paid attention in geometry class and got all of the angles right Now everyone has a full area all to themselves hopefully to store a big stack of chips He used T-nuts to secure the rail in place of wood screws and beefed up the padding Dennis added a full of foam to his railing and it looks great I wonder how his forearms felt after that task All in all a really nice custom table Nice work ......Read More

The Neighborhood Dads' Notre Dame Poker Table (4)
The Neighborhood Dads' Notre Dame Poker Table

Some of the neighborhood dads decided it was time to fold up that old 4x4 card table and give their neighborhood game a bit of class.  What they came up with was this custom ten seat table featuring a Notre Dame logo.  Nice work guys!



Chris and Paul's Custom Ten Seat Poker Table (22)
Chris and Paul's Custom Ten Seat Poker Table

Chris and Paul pulled out all the stops on this one.  They modified the plans to give their table angles where there are normally arcs.  The effect came out really nice.  They also customized the railing by adding finished wood corners with built in cup holders.  The racetrack features inlaid poker chips under the epoxy and that epoxy is thick.  Looks like its wet all the time.  Beautiful!  The table is topped off with a raised railing and rope lights.  Nice work Chris and Paul!



Owner: Slain79
Curtis' Red Sox Poker Table (7)
Curtis' Red Sox Poker Table

Curtis Took the Red Sox theme of his basement and made a custom Red Sox Poker Table to go with it.  He scouted out the local furniture shops and came up with some nice white pedistals to mount his creation to.  The finished product is a really nice custom poker table with build in cup holders and a theme that works with the rest of the room.  Nice work Curtis!



Daniel's Premium Poker Table (3)
Daniel's Premium Poker Table

For this Racetrack Poker Table Daniel spared no expense.  The table features black ostrich vinyl on the rail with blue suited speedcloth on the playing surface.  He used an oak veneer for the racetrack and accessorized it with built in brass cupholders.  The legs are custom built out of 4x4 and are designed for easy removal to make storage much easier.  Nice work Daniel!



Courtney's Blue on Blue Racetrack Poker Table (3)
Courtney's Blue on Blue Racetrack Poker Table

Courtney put together a nice custom blue on blue racetrack poker table that sits atop folding legs.  I guess the decision was made that it was time to upgrade the table to match those beautiful chips.

Nice work Courtney!