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Poker Table Photos - Raised Rail, extended racetrack Pittsburgh Penguins Poker Table
I saw this site and watched the video and decided, Yea! I can do that. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but the uniqueness of my design didn't help me much. I decided to combine a double heighted raised rail with a racetrack design. Then I combined this design with the dimensions of a hockey rink, but shortened it from a 10 person table to an 8 person table. I still have to cut the holes for the Brass cup holders I bought and put the legs on it. But for now I plan on setting it on the dining room table. I used FRP for the dasher boards and found and printed all the ads on clear sticker backed sheets. Then I added a couple layers of polycrylic to make the ads waterproof. The racetrack was color matched to the Pittsburgh Penguins "las Vegas Gold" and I sanded with 800 grit between coats. I added about 4-5 layers of a spray on polycrylic to the racetrack too with 800 sanding between coats as well. The playing surface has 1/4 foam and I used Vista-print to make the playing surface. 50 lb. foam for the rail and the I covered that with the Premium Rogue. The 4 way stretch of the rail vinyl made the corners easy. I read too many reviews of people that learned the hard way that the lesser level vinyl only stretched 2 way. I hope you like it.

lmost finished
Starting the Vinyl
Dasher Boards
Yellow lines and ads
Almost finished


#1 Hockey TopAdam 2017-05-12 13:23
Love your table! Couple questions. What was your process of designing the digital image of the rink? Did you just choose a 8' x 4' banner on Vistaprint?

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