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Poker Table Photos - Shawn's First Table
I am a novice DIYer. I stumbled upon this site looking at videos on YouTube on how to build a poker table. I think the table came out well, but I definitely learned some stuff. First, I used 3/4" plywood: birch for the rail, MDF for the base. The table is very heavy. I wish my local store had 5/8" and I wonder if I should use 1/2" next time I build one. I would probably still use birch, but the MDF was very heavy and so much more difficult to staple to. Second, I didn't take enough time to pull the playing surface speed cloth tight. It has slight wrinkles but not too bad. I didn't want to restaple since I wasn't sure if I'd have enough material to pull tight since I had already trimmed the excess. Third...and most disappointing. I used the jumbo cup holders, but when I cut the holes for them, I drilled them in the middle of the rail. I forgot about the width of the rail; therefore, the rail covered up the cup holder holes. I had to cut the rail down 1" to make it work so I only have a 3 1/2" rail. Also, the jumbo cups require a 3 3/8" hole, but not reading the description closely enough, I bought a 3 1/4" hole saw. Wrongo! I ended up having to cut holes and then widen them with my Rotozip saw. Overall, I think it turned out well. The materials sold here were really good quality. I upgraded to the 70lb rail foam and whisper vinyl. The vinyl is very nice. The instructions and videos were very helpful.



#1 Totally get itLukas Payro 2016-03-11 21:55
Dude, I just got finished building mine. I deff ain't no carpenter. I padded and vinyled the wrong side of the rail lol, bought too short a piece of suited speed cloth. It came out ok, I'm proud but man what a lesson learned. I also wish I would of cut the holes closer to the felt. I also bought the jumbo cups. But all in all it was a good experience. Got the new speed cloth coming in on Tuesday

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