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Step by Step Guide to Build an Oval Poker Table

How to Build an Oval Poker TableThe oval poker table is a very simple design and is fairly cheap and easy to build.  This poker table, when complete, measures 8' x 4' and comfortably site 10 players.  This is a table that nearly anyone can make and is sure to impress your friends and fellow poker players.

Follow the easy to follow poker table building instructions below and you should not have any trouble.  If you don't want to constantly check back at the site, you can also download these free poker table plans by going to our Printable Poker Table Plans page where you can sign up for our mailing list and have these plans, along with all of our other poker table plans, sent directly to your email for easy printing.  Good Luck!

All supplies are available in the shop including Poker Table Building Kits.  For a video version of this tutorial, please visit How to Build an Oval Poker Table Video.

Step One

Gathering The Required Tools

The first step in building your own poker table is to gather the tools needed to get the table built. The majority of these tools you likely already have. Those you don't, you should have a friend that does.


Step Two

Buying Your Poker Table Supplies

Once you have all of your tools together you will need things like wood, felt, vinyl and foam to build your own poker table.  All of these products are available in our shop either by the yard or in precut lengths to perfectly fit your poker table.


Step Three

Wood Working

Our step by step free poker table plans are easy to follow and produce a really nice casino poker table.  This is where we dive into the plans and cut the wood.  Time to get out the power tools!


Step Four

Upholstering the Poker Table Playing Surface

Upholstering the surface of your poker table top with poker table felt is easy if you follow our free step by step instructions.  If you can operate a staple gun then you can upholster the playing surface of your poker table.


Step Five

Building the Padded Rail

Upholstering the padded rail of your poker table is a litter but tougher than the playing surface.  If you continue to work the wrinkles out though you will end up with a really nice poker table rail.  Our poker table building guide will show you exactly how to do it.


Step Six

Assembling The Poker Table Top

Finally it is time to assemble to entire poker table top. This includes attaching the padded railing to the playing surface. If you decide to add legs or a poker table base of any kind that will come in the next step.


Step Seven

Adding Poker Table Legs

Choosing the right poker table base can really change the look of the table. You can choose from pedestals, folding legs, or even home made table legs.  We show a few examples in this section and also offer some tips for choosing your poker table legs.


Step Eight

Accessorizing Your Poker Table

The poker supplies and poker accessories can give your poker night a real casino feel. Add quality playing cards, custom poker chips, and cup holders to finish it off.  There is no point in having a beautiful casino quality poker table and then playing with an UNO deck.